'God Information'
Name Larisia Starshine
Player Xeadin
Appearance Appears as a light-haired Alicorn with a mane that shines as bright as the stars
Domains Creation; Sun, Harmony
Symbol The Twin Suns, representing harmony and her care for the world-- hence her title 'The Mother.'
Alignment Neutral

Larisia Starshine is the 1st Lord of Creation


Resembling the beauty of creation and the power of stars, Larisia's power is influential upon the basis of creation itself. She is open-minded but sometimes can be a little bitter. Her elegance and simple nature gives birth to new ideas and grants her the opportunity to try out new ideas and approaches. Her own realization to harmony comes in the notion of her obsession with life, and she will do whatever necessary to keep life in proper balance.

She is represented as the Mother, the Caregiver, and her symbol is that of eternal twin-dancing suns. Her cutie mark is that of her symbol as well.


She appears as a light-haired Alicorn with a mane that shines as bright as the stars. She has gale blue eyes and a soothing disposition.
Larisia Starshine


Forged from the heart of creation, Larisia came into being from a tiny spark of divine nature that gave her sentience and purpose. The fire of this forgery burns within her, which captivates and motivates her to draw on and create a new legacy.
Cutie mark LS

Symbol of Larisia Starshine


No noteable history from this god has been noted as of yet

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